Shenzhen iTech Solutions Co Ltd is coming......
Date:2013-07-25      Views:8874      Keywords:Interactive Whiteboard, Touch TV, Projectors

Shenzhen iTech Solutions Co., Ltd is coming......

Its our pleasure to announce to our clients worldwide, the establish of our company  SHENZHEN ITECH SOLUTIONS CO LTD, in Shenzhen, China in July 2013.
Our company had been established after getting the necessary experience in the international markets for more than 10 years in international business.
our strength comes from all levels in our company. With our experience in international markets selling interactive solutions for more than 100 countries around the globe. 

During our wide experience we had came to conclusion that it is great for our clients to get full solution that suits his needs, in terms of hardware, software & even price. so, our factory will manufacture costume made solution that suits your needs, this will make us very free in introducing the latest technologies that the markets can offer. All companies will start explaining the details of their products in so much technical terms, for us, we will say it to you in one word .. TOUCH.. yes its Touch solution that we will introduce to you, full compatible and custom made according to your needs.

We in ITS need to assure you three main points: prices, quality and after sales service; we only assure you one thing for the above, we are very smart because we look forward to deal with you for long time, therefore, we will deal with you as partners, we will not do sell you, we will sell with you, so we will establsih with each of our clients the style of partnership that will suite him, based on win-win deals.

Our accumulative long experience in Manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services make us your No. 1 Touch Solution provider in the world.
thank you for taking time to read our company introduction

Best wishes always from ITS

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